Training overview

The following standard training courses are available for Pedestrian Dynamics®. 

Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio Training

Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio is a comprehensive simulation software platform for crowd simulation. It is a powerful tool that helps those who design, plan or manage the movement of people in environment such as in sport stadiums, stations, shopping areas and entertainment environments.  To be able to model these systems successfully requires knowledge and skills of the modeler. The objective of this three-day training is to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to develop and analyze crowd simulation models using the Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio environment. Read more..

Customized Training

For customized training or please contact INCONTROL.


Pedestrian Dynamics® training courses can be given at one in of our offices in the Netherlands, Germany or USA. In-company training is also possible. Please contact INCONTROL for more information.

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