Pedestrian Dynamics® is a comprehensive crowd simulation software application. It is designed for the creation and execution of large pedestrian simulation models in complex infrastructures. It can be used to evaluate the performance and safety of your environment in every phase of the life cycle; from design to operations.

Pedestrian Dynamics®:

  • Offers a rapid model building simulation environment which saves time and costs. Only a few steps are required to model pedestrian flows in most complex operations.
  • Is flexible, robust and easy to use.
  • Has been used widely in many large scale projects to simulate crowd flows in most critical infrastructure environments including stadiums, airports, public transport terminals, mega events and urban planning.


Pedestrian Dynamics® crowd simulation software has a proven track record to analyze and optimize large crowd flows.

Crowd simulation enables you to:

  • Decrease costs: by optimizing the pedestrian flows in the infrastructure during the design phase, high additional costs can be avoided during the operations.
  • Regulation compliance: help evaluate and address regulatory compliance with local and international safety mandates and norms.
  • Predict & anticipate: the model enables you to predict the crowd flows and anticipate.
  • Analyze Evacuation: Develop and test  evacuation and data-driven response plans.
  • Answer “What If”: Quickly compare alternative designs and scenarios on-the-fly.
  • Improve commerce: Increase customer satisfaction by improving pedestrian flows, experiences and comfort and identify the commercial attractiveness of locations by flow measurements.
  • Present & convince: Effectively communicate between all stakeholders in the decision making process.
  • Operate efficiently: Optimize and increase operational efficiency within the given environment and with available resources.

Key features

Pedestrian Dynamics® crowd simulation software offers the following key features:

PD Features
  • Integrated 2D & 3D pedestrian modelling & visualization
  • Fast simulation runs
  • Extensive set of model drawing tools
  • Simulation of large crowds up to 100,000
  • Import of industry standards (CAD, XML, CityGML and many more)
  • Explicit corridor mapping
  • Unique agent properties
  • Easy scenario definition
  • Intelligent dynamic routing
  • Microscopic and mesoscopic
  • Fast simulation my multithreading
  • Integrated output module with automatic report generation
  • Easy movie playback and recording


Application areas

Pedestrian Dynamics® is applicable in a wide scale of infrastructures:









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