How simulation software will change the customer journey of rail

The future of railway stations

The rail industry is changing. The focus shifts from the most effective and efficient way of getting passengers from A to B, to the total seamless journey. The trend is that railway stations not only function as a location for catching a train, but also leisure and business. Restaurants, shops and office buildings become an integrated part of the station. This is where the cohesion between travel, leisure and the city arises, as railway stations are a central point of social interaction for cities. Imagine picking up orders at the online-shopping point or meeting-up with a friend, drinking coffee at one of the shops.

Urbanization and growing population numbers contribute to added stress on city- and rail infrastructures. The United Nations states that globally, the world population is likely to reach 9.7 billion citizens by 2050, approximately 66% of the population will reside in cities. Utilizing the city infrastructure in a more efficient, intelligent and integrated manner seems to be the key. Yet, how will the rail sector anticipate towards a rising amount in passengers?

Safety region Fryslân improves event safety by using simulation

Like all Dutch Safety Regions, Fryslân advises municipalities in their region on event safety. In early 2017 a crowd simulation analysis (video) was done for the city of Dokkum. Dokkum is one of the 11 city's that are part of the famous 'Elfstedentocht', the biggest ice skating event in the world.

Waiting for hours to get results from your crowd flow models is history!

For all leading architects, engineers and consultants performing crowd risk analysis, our crowd simulation software is now more comprehensive than ever. INCONTROL is proud to announce the release of Pedestrian Dynamics 3.1 crowd simulation software!

In close collaboration with our professional - and academic users we significantly improved the crowd simulation software, Pedestrian Dynamics. To meet our customers' needs, we focus on increasing the user-friendliness of the software.

Pedestrian Dynamics video tutorials now available!

Create you first pedestrian simulation model with the help of our new video tutorials!

We are proud to announce the first series of the new Pedestrian Dynamics Video Tutorials; 'Getting Started'. The Getting Started series will show you how to get started with Pedestrian Dynamics to build your first pedestrian simulation models. In 13 separate episodes, we will cover subjects like drawing elements, building infrastructure, agent activities, routes and much more.

Belgium events just got a lot safer!

Events such as Destination Paris, Reggae Geel, Bruxelles Champêtre and the Docks Bruxsel Inauguration just got a lot safer. Bert Bruyninckx, owner of SeSaME, is satisfied with their first results as Pedestrian Dynamics user.

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