Pedestrian Dynamics video tutorials now available!

Create you first pedestrian simulation model with the help of our new video tutorials!

We are proud to announce the first series of the new Pedestrian Dynamics Video Tutorials; 'Getting Started'. The Getting Started series will show you how to get started with Pedestrian Dynamics to build your first pedestrian simulation models. In 13 separate episodes, we will cover subjects like drawing elements, building infrastructure, agent activities, routes and much more.

Belgium events just got a lot safer!

Events such as Destination Paris, Reggae Geel, Bruxelles Champêtre and the Docks Bruxsel Inauguration just got a lot safer. Bert Bruyninckx, owner of SeSaME, is satisfied with their first results as Pedestrian Dynamics user.

INCONTROL supports Little Caesars Arena in getting Safety Act Certification

Detroit, USA - Little Caesars Arena uses INCONTROL’s simulation software for safe & secure crowd management in its facility and surrounding congested neighborhood. For the multiple types of events that will occur at the Little Caesars Arena and the adjoining neighborhood, District Detroit, the safety and security team will be in an enhanced position to anticipate, plan, train, communicate and deploy staff to effectively and efficiently manage a safe environment for attendees, participants and staff

Modelling large scale evacuation scenarios to build safer cities

Modelling large scale evacuation
scenarios to build safer cities

Emergency and evacuation planning has become a key aspect in recent years of designing transport and urban infrastructure. Pedestrian Dynamics was used by AECOM for an evacuation scenario centred on Newcastle’s intu Eldon Square Shopping Centre.

Why airport security and passenger experience is no contradiction

Airports are actively working on improvement of the passenger experience and striving for a seamless flow. Examples of these efforts concern integration and simplification of the required processes, implementing new (self-service) technology and allow passengers to perform non-specific airport bound processes off-airport.

However, activities that need to be carried out mainly at the airport itself include most of the safety and security processes. There is, regrettably but obviously, no doubt that security systems nowadays play a crucial role in operating an airport. 

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