Service partners

CrowdProfessionals Company:  CrowdProfessionals
Description: CrowdProfessionals specializes in all aspects of crowd management, safety & security and the operational organization of your event, sports venue or other hazardous location.
Location:  Zandvoort, the Netherlands
Website: www.crowdprofessionals.nl
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skyskol Company: Skyskol AB
The Swedish experts in safety with over 25 years of experience and leading provider of safety training, equipment and software
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website: www.skyskol.com
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Solution partners

Company: DAT.Mobility
Description: The mobility experts of the Netherlands, market leaders for more than 50 years, compiled their ICT expertise in the field of monitoring, modelling, managing and planning mobility.
Deventer, the Netherlands
Website: www.dat.nl
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LogoPMC Company: PMC
Description: PMC is a leading provider of engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and operations productivity solutions.
Dearborn, MI, USA
San Diego, CA, USA
Austin, TX, USA
Website: www.pmcorp.com
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LogoFSC Company: FSC
Description: FSC Inc. Is a multidisciplinary engineering company providing fire protection, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and consulting/life safety services.
Overland Park, KS, USA
Kansas City, KS, USA
Website: www.fsc-inc.com
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Technology partners

LogoVI Company: Venue Intelligence
Description: Crowd simulation solutions for the security, marketing and operations of large venues.
Location: Carmel, IN, USA
Website: www.venueintel.com
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Asteros logo Company: Asteros
Description: Asteros is a leading Russian systems integrator. Today Asteros is the leader in the implementation of IT-infrastructures and engineering systems.
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Website: http://asteros.com/
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Strategic partners



Company: NCS4
Description: NCS4 supports the advancement of sport safety and security through training, professional development, academic programs and research
Location: Hattiesburg, MS, USA
Website: www.ncs4.com
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Academic partners


logo CRA

Company: Crowd Risk Analysis Ltd.
Description: Improve crowd safety for mass gatherings, through modelling, monitoring and managing crowds in complex and built environments, by teaching the right techniques to help identify risks to a crowd at major events and in places of public assembly.
Location: Manchester, UK
Website: www.gkstill.com
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Company: Delft University of Technology
Description: The section Transport & Planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences conducts scientific research and provides education about the planning and operation of transport systems.
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Website: http://www.citg.tudelft.nl/en/about-faculty/departments/transport-and-planning/
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